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Ricky Perez

David, is a true professional, not only assisted me with my returns but truly educated me! I highly recommend David and his teammate Ada who are both phenomenal!

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Charles Ventosa

Very trustworthy and honest people/company to work with.

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Zeus K

David Kupferman is the best CPA in the city, hand down. There is nothing he can’t do when it comes to sophisticated tax planning, specifically with complicated cases with both domestic and international clients. All of my business clients I…

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Joel Geraci

He saved me over $100,000... nope... not kidding. I highly recommend David.

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Martha P

David Kupferman is an extremely detail oriented CPA with extensive knowledge about tax laws, implications and guided my husband and I through our most challenging tax situation. After selling an investment property, we were faced with …

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Elena Asturias

David and his staff are passionate about helping you succeed in your long range financial goals. A pleasure working with these professionals!

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Thad McIlroy

I had to search far and wide to get an accountant I could count on to represent me to the nth degree, while explicitly honoring the rules that govern tax practice. In the past my accountants been too weak, and it has cost me. David is the …

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Joseph Carpenter.joseph

David and his team are extremely professional, likeable and genuinely care about me. They have set me up with QB and are showing me the ropes through a series of training meetings using simple explanations and practical tools.

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Joseph G

OK, it's money...My Money. That said, Ada and David treat it (and me) with respect, some laughs, a few recommendations, and a whole bunch of honesty. Found them when they were on West Portal and have never once had a regret of any kind. And…

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Philip C

I have worked with David and his great team since 2011. I have found David extremely competent and has helped me overcome some very difficult tax situations. Additionally, I like working with David as he is friendly, takes the necessary …

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Jen Nolan

My experience with David and his staff has always been pleasant and relieves much of the stress of filing a complex tax return! I've been working with his office for 12 years now.

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Thaddeus W and Anna U

I had a great experience. David and Allan have been very helpful and generous with time and advice. Thanks a lot, Anna

Ginger Ashworth

Incredibly helpful, accurate, and timely Certified Public Accountant firm.

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Robert Brisbane

David makes my life easier and better!!

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Bertha P

David, Howard and I have enjoyed working with you preparing our income taxes for quite a few year, especially now that I am alone and lost my beloved husband whom you knew and the love of my life. I also want to tell you that without …

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John S

They are always there for me, professional along with being friendly, great crew.

Edward H

The way this email came across initially was for me a moment of high anxiety. Holy terrors, David is retiring! But no, misinterpretation by me. Great relief, he just wants a review. My reaction is actually a pretty good review. Hope you …

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Ernest B. and Susanne B

Thank you, David Kupferman and staff for taking care of our bookkeeping. We rely on you for all of our accounting needs

and appreciate your knowledge and good advice. We recommend you 100 %.

Ernest and Susanne B.

Gerald G

I've worked with Ida and David for years and trust them with my personal information. They've save me from stress!

James Tucker

I have been going to David Kuperman CPA since 1995 and highly recommend David and his knowledgeable – and friendly – staff for your tax needs. He handles both my personal and business taxes and gets to know your business so he can give …

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Larry A B

Fantastic accounting firm that goes way beyond crunching numbers. "Department of the Treasury" and "Franchise Tax Board" are no longer charged words, thanks to David Kupferman and friends.

Gabriela C

Extraordinary team of wonderfully knowledgeable, capable and helpful people!

Vera G

David, Ada and Herminia are warm and honest. They give you their best and truthful work. It was David that helped me through the most difficult time in my life. When my son Lance passed away, I gave up on life, it was David's strong call…

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Torbjorn M and Sue Epperson H

Very grateful for all the help from David and the entire SFCPA staff .

Having an accounting firm you you can trust is priceless.

Mark A. and Vera S

I won't use anybody else. Dave does the best job.

Harold K

They're very professional and steeped in all tax matters.

Aline S

Always friendly, reliable and professional service. I would most definitely recommend David and his staff to anyone needing an accountant! They are wonderful to deal with.

Brian M and Lori B

These guys rock. They have your back and make sure your taxes are prepared correctly and timely. They are very thorough as well.

Martin T

Great service, great tax knowledge , great analysis!